​House of Plenty Homecare staff and members are committed to enriching the lives of the elderly and disabled in our community.  We are dedicated to create the assistance and devotion of maintaining a safe, independent, and trussing environment for those in need of loving care.  Our mission and legacy is to live in service; to share life and provide the supper and compassion in all we do.

Our Community


Our Mission

  • Professional, and Ethical Services
  • Case Management Services
  • Worry Free Service Guaranteed
  • Community Based
  • Extensive Background Checks
  • Insurance Compatability
  • Compassionate and Undertanding

Our Services:

Our Services are provided by certified candidates.  They have extensive training to maintain independent living in most situations.  For more information, please contact us to receive a free assessment. Contact Us.


Our services are catered to the the community and what a better place to create a foundation than Dixon, CA.  Our home base comes from a community with strong cores and values and let out team bring that to your home.

House Of Plenty HomeCare

"Hats off to my parents  who always believed in me.  I miss them every day. They are smiling down at me.  They were my mentors and best friends." Read More...